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Test Your Intrapreneurial DNA!

Do You Have What it Takes to be a Successful Intrapreneur?

Curious to find out if you’ve got some Intrapreneurial traits? Aspiring to become an impactful Intrapreneur?

You’ll know more after answering these 11 questions. Don’t worry, it’s no exam. Just fill in the response that matches most with your first thoughts by clicking on it. The next question automatically appears after answering the current one.

After the last question, you immediately get your score. There’s a max of 110 points to earn. Good luck!

So here’s to intrapreneurs everywhere: The corporate world needs us now more than ever, and you might just be one without knowing it – David Armano

I often have creative ideas for new products and new markets, or solutions for business problems

I am able to identify long-term opportunities and threats for my company

I am a champion for my ideas and solutions to colleagues and get excited when doing so, even against others’ opposition

I often challenge the status quo because I think that is in the best interest of my company

I feel confident and competent to make my best ideas and solutions happen

I usually act first and ask for approval afterwards

I pro-actively seek feedback on my performance and my potential for advancement

My job allows me to make a lot of decisions on my own

I feel I could be valued more for the contribution I have

I see my work as a vehicle to use my talents, ideas and energy to have meaningful impact

I want to put my mark and transform my company from the inside out

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