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Join our Challenges and develop the skills and mindsets for leading change

If you’re eager to make a difference, grow your career and lead change, saam is like your Spotify for learning..

Our 21-days or 42-days Challenges guide you step by step through a journey of discovery, learning, reflection and action, in less than one hour per week. Typically, they include

  • Weekly modules with up to 3 short videos and targeted articles
  • Reflection questions
  • Action assignments
  • Feedback and accountability loops
  • Community support and social learning

These Challenges are hosted by some of the brightest and most inspiring leaders and experts on the planet. They were happy to share their expertise, experience and enthusiasm with you.

Instead of another online course library offering everything from knitting to mastering excel, at saam you learn about Sustainability, Leadership, Innovation, Careers & Life.

The first Challenges open up June 2015

If you’re interested to know more, just scroll down and send us a note – we’ll ping you once we’re ready to welcome you.
For now – why not let us know how we could best serve you: What would you like to learn? Any suggestions for inspiring rolemodels (leaders, authors, coaches, …) we should invite to pose a Challenge on the saam platform?

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Some of our Challenge Experts:

  • Samantha Mackay
    Samantha Mackay
    • Lynn Stout
      Lynn Stout
      • Lassi Kurkijarvi
        Lassi Kurkijarvi
        • Manoj Fenelon
          Manoj Fenelon
          • Faisal Hoque
            Faisal Hoque
            • Sarah Holloway
              Sarah Holloway
              • Santiago Gowland
                Santiago Gowland
                • Angela Lussier
                  Angela Lussier
                  • Joanna Hafenmayer
                    Joanna Hafenmayer
                    • Tanveer Naseer
                      Tanveer Naseer
                      • David Nosibor
                        David Nosibor
                        • Janet Voûte
                          Janet Voûte
                          • Marcello Palazzi
                            Marcello Palazzi
                            • Beth Knight
                              Beth Knight
                              • Gib Bulloch
                                Gib Bulloch

                                Our platform makes learning easy & effective, personalized & social, relevant & fun.saam-0001-visual-2

                                Enrollment opens up June 2015.

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                                Something good is going on in the world of business

                                Organizations find themselves faced with the challenge to innovate faster than ever before. Leaders are waking up to the idea that they can do well by doing good. Solving the big sustainability and social challenges of our time is becoming a fundamental part of their strategies.

                                Most millennials have the innate drive to innovate, to solve those big challenges. They see their jobs and careers as a way to make a difference.

                                Whilst they are eager to show what they’re capable of, they still need and want to get guidance from experienced mentors and inspiring experts.
                                But where can they get the guidance they need, in a way they like?

                                Unlike generic online course platforms, saam aims to be the #1 platform for learning about Sustainability, Leadership and Innovation for young professionals around the world.

                                What about that name – saam?

                                “saam” means “together” in Afrikaans.

                                We believe collaboration across traditional borders and barriers is the best way to bringing about change – from small community-driven initiatives to tackling humanity’s biggest challenges on a global scale.
                                We’re all just tiny dots on a tiny planet – why not use our expertise, experience and enthusiasm to create the future we want, together?
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