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In times of change, learners inherit the earth,
while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped
to deal with a world that no longer exists.

Eric Hoffer

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With our 10-days or 30-days Challenges, you’ll translate inspiring insights from leaders and experts into tangible results. Via the saam online platform, you’ll be guided step by step from idea to impact.

Plus you’ll connect and collaborate with like-minded peers globally: a fast-growing community of people who believe business can do well by doing good.

Map your path to Sustainability Leadership

Map your path to Sustainability Leadership

What are the critical behavourial competences of effective Sustainability Leaders? In this 30-days Challenge, facilitated by Beth Knight (EY), you’ll find out where you stand and how you can accelerate your own transformation and that of the people, organizations and systems you impact.

How Überpreneurs change the world

How Überpreneurs change the world

How will we feed 9 billion people? Tackle climate change? Rein in obesity? Overcome economic crises? Eliminate AIDS? Build more inclusive societies? Learn from 9 extraordinary individuals who are addressing these issues – and become an Überpreneur yourself.

We are limited only by our imagination and our will to act.

Ron Garan

Will you accept a challenge from leaders and experts who’ve walked the talk – like these?

  • Samantha Mackay
    Samantha Mackay
    • Tanveer Naseer
      Tanveer Naseer
      • Lynn Stout
        Lynn Stout
        • Marcello Palazzi
          Marcello Palazzi
          • Manoj Fenelon
            Manoj Fenelon
            • Beth Knight
              Beth Knight
              • Janet Voûte
                Janet Voûte
                • Josh Chaitin
                  Josh Chaitin
                  • Faisal Hoque
                    Faisal Hoque
                    • Lassi Kurkijarvi
                      Lassi Kurkijarvi
                      • Gib Bulloch
                        Gib Bulloch
                        • Maryann Baumgarten
                          Maryann Baumgarten
                        • Joanna Hafenmayer
                          Joanna Hafenmayer
                          • Santiago Gowland
                            Santiago Gowland
                            • Angela Lussier
                              Angela Lussier

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