Something exciting is going on in the world of business.

We are in the midst of re-thinking what work actually means to us as individuals, as well as re-imagining the role of business in society.

A rapidly growing number of people
are waking up to the idea that work
can and should be engaging, fulfilling and rewarding.

Organizations feel the need to innovate
faster and better than ever before,
and leading organizations move beyond profits,
aiming to also have a positive social and environmental impact
– do well and do good.

This movement is orchestrated by people who know
that we can be and do more as individuals at work,
and who believe that organizations should use their resources
to tackle the biggest challenges humanity is facing.

People like you. is here to serve you and other corporate mavericks, inspring change makers and impactful leaders. We offer you a network full of like-minded people and an environment for collaboration and learning – both online and offline.

It’s more than a social network. It’s more than an online school. It’s a tribe, co-creating a movement of big change inside organizations and for the world at large. But why do we call this tribe “saam”?

“saam” means “together” in Afrikaans. We believe collaboration across traditional borders and barriers is the best way to bringing about change – from small community-driven initiatives to tackling humanity’s biggest challenges on a global scale.

We’re all just tiny dots on a tiny planet – why not use our expertise, experience and enthusiasm to create the future we want, together?

the Tribe offers you and other corporate mavericks, inspring change makers and impactful leaders, a platform to connect with each other.


To reach out, get support, and share your experiences with likeminded peers across organizations, industries and regions.

the Academy

Also, offers you a way to easily learn from thought leaders, inspiring experts and world-class coaches. You’ll get access to the guidance you need, when you need it, and with others who need it.


You’ll get pro-active support and useful tools for pursuing their goals so that they become better, faster.

It’s our mission to facilitate powerful connections, effective collaboration and social learning, so that you are even better equipped to co-shape that exciting movement of redefining the meaning of work and the role of business.

Because together, we create the future. launches this fall… More news soon!

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