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We ask leaders, entrepreneurs and experts to share their nuggets of gold with you, by means of 1-hour interactive online talks. First 20 minutes of presentation, followed by Q&A.

This is your opportunity to ask advice from some of the brightest minds, inspirational leaders and global thought leaders in the fields of sustainability, leadership and innovation.

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More good stuff coming

We’ll host 25+ talks for you this fall. Next to the talks listed on the right, you’ll be able to interact with leaders like Santiago Gowland (Nike), Manoj Fenelon (Pepsi) and Beth Knight (Ernst & Young).

Stay tuned- we’re just getting warmed up.

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What is sa.am and why does sa.am exist?

There are millions of people aspiring to be corporate change makers, sustainability champions and leaders of innovation. They are ambitious and want to leave their mark. But… where do you start with changing the world? And exactly how do you do that?

At the same time, there are thousands of people who are willing to share their experiences, wisdom and advice. Leaders, entrepreneurs, experts, and also bright and impactful peers from their own generation, would love to help by just telling their story and responding to burning questions.

But until now, there was no effective yet engaging way for both to connect and have that conversation. That’s where sa.am comes in.

Read more about the why, what and how of sa.am here

Oh… and also the story behind our name so click that link

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