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Upcoming courses

If you’re eager to make a difference, grow your career and lead the change, saam is your place to learn.

With our courses on today’s most important topics and tomorrow’s crucial skills, you’ll get step by step guidance based on real-life advice and challenges to complete with your peers. They are hosted by some of the brightest and most inspiring leaders and experts on the planet.

Instead of another online course library offering everything from knitting to mastering excel, at saam you learn about Sustainability, Leadership and Innovation.

Enrollment opens up May 2015.

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Some of our course leaders and experts:

  • Tanveer Naseer
    Tanveer Naseer
    • Angela Lussier
      Angela Lussier
      • Lynn Stout
        Lynn Stout
        • David Nosibor
          David Nosibor
          • Santiago Gowland
            Santiago Gowland
            • Lassi Kurkijarvi
              Lassi Kurkijarvi
              • Beth Knight
                Beth Knight
                • Janet Voûte
                  Janet Voûte
                  • Marcello Palazzi
                    Marcello Palazzi
                    • Sarah Holloway
                      Sarah Holloway
                      • Joanna Hafenmayer
                        Joanna Hafenmayer
                        • Faisal Hoque
                          Faisal Hoque
                          • Samantha Mackay
                            Samantha Mackay
                            • Manoj Fenelon
                              Manoj Fenelon
                              • Gib Bulloch
                                Gib Bulloch

                                Our platform makes learning easy & effective, personalized & social, relevant & fun.saam-0001-visual-2

                                Enrollment opens up May 2015.

                                Leave your name and email so that we can invite you to the party first >>

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                                Something good is going on in the world of business

                                We are in the midst of re-thinking what work actually means to us as individuals, as well as re-imagining the role of business in society. Organizations find themselves in a unique and challenging position: the rapidly changing environments they operate in require them to innovate faster and better than ever before. Industry leading organizations start moving beyond profits, aiming to have a positive social and environmental impact as well; using sustainability as a driver for innovation.

                                It’s our goal to support people eager to lead this change by offering them a global platform for learning and collaboration.

                                What about that name – saam?

                                “saam” means “together” in Afrikaans.

                                We believe collaboration across traditional borders and barriers is the best way to bringing about change – from small community-driven initiatives to tackling humanity’s biggest challenges on a global scale.

                                We’re all just tiny dots on a tiny planet – why not use our expertise, experience and enthusiasm to create the future we want, together?


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